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Monday, February 11, 2008

The Last Poets - Right On! (1970)

1. Jibard/My Pretty Nigger
2. Been Done Already
3. Hey Now
4. Die Nigga!!!
5. Un Rifle/Oracion-Rifle Player
6. Tell Me Brother
7. Black Woman
8. James Brown
9. Soul
10. Today Is A Killer
11. Little Willie Armstrong Jones
12. Puerto Rican Rhythms
13. Poetry Is Black
14. Jazz
15. The Shalimar
16. Into The Streets
17. Alley
18. The Library
Allegedly from the hit movie 'Right On!', the soundtrack only features the title track from the movie. It's an entirely performance poetry LP as you might expect from the Last Poets; interesting and thought-provoking, good for samples (some nice conga playing) but not one for the dancefloor.