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Friday, June 21, 2013

Thug Life (2001)

  • Thomas Miles
  • Gregory O.
  • Stewart, Napolean
A young man trying to grow up straight in a crime-ridden neighborhood finds himself on the run after a friend accidentally lures him into a trap in this hard-edged urban drama. Boo (Thomas Miles) grew up in a rough section of Houston, TX, where many see crime as their only way out. Boo is determined to leave the street life behind and build an honest career for himself as a plumber, but his longtime friend Mecca (Gregory O. Stewart) talks Boo into helping him out as he tries to sell a stolen vehicle. Things don't go as planned, and when shots ring out, Boo and Mecca discover they've been framed for the murder of a gang leader and have to get out of Houston at once if they are to stand any chance of surviving the night. Thug Life also features noted hip-hop and reggae artists Vybz Kartel, Willie D., The Lady of Rage, and Napoleon.

When looking back, I start to realize how good this movie was. When I first started watching this movie, it came to the scene when Boo was fighting the four guys in the street and did an awesome array of kung fu moves that closely resembled Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. His fighting style was excellent, you can see that Boo the character is a sixth degree black belt, from his laser sharp punches, to his lighting fast kicks that could knock out a full grown hyena, not to forget his super human jumping ability from the help of a trampoline! The plot was a little hard at first because I got lost from time to time, but the acting and the fighting scenes pulled me back into it. I loved the gun scene when they killed the leaders brother, which by the way, the gun had no trigger and the knife seemed not to cut the throat of the victim. The sound and picture of the movie was not that great but why criticize when you can point out the positive aspects, like the way Mecca did an unbelievable kick to the kingpin leader. Sometimes I couldn't hear the people talking and sometimes that camera angles were positioned weird but again don't make fun just go with the punches like Boo!Again, the movie was not that great but I do recommend this movie to everyone to watch