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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Honky (1971)


A hard-hitting drama of two young people whose romance plunges into eventual tragedy. Shelia Smith (Brenda Sykes) beautiful, black and seventeen. Wayne Divine (John Neilson) is white, good-looking and (so he thinks) "hip." Both are students at a midwest high school and are drawn to each other at a football rally. But their mutual feeling of rebellion (coupled with Wayne's eagerness to "prove" himself to Shelia) send them down a road of no return that begins with a scheme to triple their money by buying and selling marijuana. It ends with the pair involved in one "bad scene" after another, until an encounter with a pair of rednecks exposes the dishonesty of the youngsters' love and brings the drama to a violent and tragic conclusion. Based on the Literary Guild novel "Shelia" by Gunard Solberg.