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Friday, September 14, 2012

Various Artist - Black Lolita (1975)

1. Bobby Shaftoe (Vick Flick)
2. Soft Soled Shoes (Steve Gray)
3. Punch Bowl (Alan Parker)
4. Nervy Guitar (T. Tape)
5. Cutting Points (Sammy Burdson)
6. Bamboo Tree (John Leech)
7. Oddball (Alan Hawkshaw)
8. Bass Guitar Feature (T. Tape)
9. Running from Danger - (Steve Gray)
10. Smokey Joe's Dilemma (John Cameron)
11. Rushing Accents (T. Tape)
12. Looking for a Fight (Steve Gray)
13. The Prowler (John Cameron)
14. Take a Goosie Gander (Syd Dale)
15. Locomotion (B) (Sammy Burdson)

Another to add to the collection. #Frayker