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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Charles Bernstein - That Man Bolt [OST] (1973)

The funky sounds of Blax-Fu brought to you buy the legendary, Charles Bernstein. "That Man Bolt" (1973), did not have an official soundtrack release, but our masters of Blaxploitation managed to take the time to compile an incredible score for the soundtrack lovers. Complete with funk, jazz, soul, drama, and nifty soundbites, "That Man Bolt" ost embodies every lasting taste that you desire from a Blaxploitation soundtrack.  Enjoy!

01. Macao
02. Main Theme From That Man Bolt
03. Setup (Bolt Theme)
04. Bolt Leaves The Airport (Bolt Theme)
05. The Briefcase
06. Car Park (Bolt Theme)
07. Bolt Bolts (The Chase)
08. New Wheels
09. In Vegas To See Tony
10. She's A Lady (Teresa Graves)
11. In My Part Of Town (Teresa Graves)
12. Samanthas Theme (Dialogue)
13. Roulette
14. Sam's Sweet Love (Killer Sneaks In)
15. Sam's Dead
16. Tony's Pad
17. Leaving for Hong Kong (Dialogue)
18. Bolt's On The Move (Hong Kong Airport)
19. The Bank Is In, Up To It's Distinguished Brittish Ass (Dialogue)
20. What Took You Boys So Long (Kho Hung Fireworks)
22. Accupuncture Torture (The Fight)
23. See The Man In The Bowler Hat
24. Fan Tan Bath House (The Monks OF Chen-Fu)
25. Bolt Searchs For Facts
26. Kumada's Banquet
27. Dominique Kuan's Bedroom
28. Happy New Year Mr Kumada
29. Kumada Sends Spider After Bolt (2nd Fight)
30. Tami's Garden (Baby San)
32. Fireworks (Happy New Year Kumada)
33. I'll Take It From Here (Dialogue)
34. On Land And Water (The Chase)
35. Kumadas Estate (Bolt Theme)
36. Death Of Spider (The Fight)
37. Back To The Airport
38. End Tiltles (Main Theme From That Man Bolt  Reprise)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vicente 'Tito' Sotto - T.N.T. Jackson (1975)

01. Main Title Theme
02. Fight 1
03. Fight 2
04. Loungin'
05. Drug Deal
06. You Want It Black, You Got It Black
07. Fight 3
08. Blax-Fu Battle
09. Final T.N.T Jackson Blax-Fu Symphony
Here is a treat for the BP community. I extracted some killer shots from T.N.T Jackson. Well there is little to no info of this soundtrack being released, but doing some digging I came across who produced the music from the movie. The wiki page says Tito Sotto produced the music and this source here:

The soundtrack was never commercially available as far as I know. Composer was a Filipino guy, Vicente 'Tito' Sotto, who also composed the soundtrack for a whole string of movies and tv shows in the 70's. Dude is a famous tv presenter actor, composer, and a senator in the Philippines. He did the TNT Jackson soundtrack for Cirio H. Santiago, a big Filipino producer/director who did a few cross over kung fu exploitation flicks with an exotic locale for infamous b movie mogul Roger Cormans' New World Pictures in the 70's. Santiago and Corman also did a kung fu stewardess flick together, back to back with TNT Jackson, called Fly Me. which also has a very ill soundtrack.
The soundtrack score is killer and very funky. I would consider this a prime example of what Blax-Fu music is. Driven by the flute with a classic funky blaxploitation sound of the base guitar is pure enjoyment. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rheet Taylor and Sonny Smith - Super Spook (1972)

01. Main Title Theme - Rheet Taylor
02. Super Spook - Sonny Smith
03. Go'on With Your Bad Self - Sonny Smith
04. The Chase - Rheet Taylor
Killer tracks composed by Rheet Taylor and performed by Sonny Smith. There was a rare 45 released by Sonny Smith containing "Super Spook" and "Go'on With Your Bad Self". The two tracks by Rheet Taylor was ripped from the movie.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Willie Colon & Ruben Blades - The Last Fight (1982)

01 - Yo Puedo Vivir Del Amor
02 - Andanza
03 - Cimarron
04 - What Happened
05 - Venganza
06 - Y Tu Abuela
A movie soundtrack. This sounds like it was cut in a weekend: the two new Blades compositions are tossoffs, and the rest is rearrangements of standards. By this point Blades was seeking to complete his Fania contract as rapidly as possible. But Colón's band is so good even the most mediocre material holds your interest, and Blades' "What Happened" is amusing. (DBW)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Life, U.S.A. - Black Force (1975)

Life, U.S.A.
Black Force [a.k.a. Force Four] (1975)
Original Soundtrack Score

1. Force Four Theme 
2. Evil
3. Loving You Is So Beautiful
4. Fistful of Force
5. Lock Up Time
6. Tretra Circle
There is absolutely nothing available online about this funky soul group Life, U.S.A. I got the information from the movie poster and the end credits of the movie. I came up with a few titles, which are in the movie performed very well. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Revelation - High Horse Pt. 1 (Theme from "Brotherhood of Death 1976)

1. High Horse Pt. 1

Rare track by Revelation, which serves as the theme song to "Brotherhood of Death".

Friday, September 14, 2012

Various Artist - Black Lolita (1975)

1. Bobby Shaftoe (Vick Flick)
2. Soft Soled Shoes (Steve Gray)
3. Punch Bowl (Alan Parker)
4. Nervy Guitar (T. Tape)
5. Cutting Points (Sammy Burdson)
6. Bamboo Tree (John Leech)
7. Oddball (Alan Hawkshaw)
8. Bass Guitar Feature (T. Tape)
9. Running from Danger - (Steve Gray)
10. Smokey Joe's Dilemma (John Cameron)
11. Rushing Accents (T. Tape)
12. Looking for a Fight (Steve Gray)
13. The Prowler (John Cameron)
14. Take a Goosie Gander (Syd Dale)
15. Locomotion (B) (Sammy Burdson)

Another to add to the collection. #Frayker

Dominic Frontiere - Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold (1975)

1. Playing With Fire (03:33) Music by Dominic Frontiere - Lyrics by Kenny Kerner and Richie Wise
2. Oynia (00:48)
3. Here Comes Cleo (01:29)
4. Cleo Leaves (00:58)
5. Downtong (02:20)
6. Room of Mirrors (01:21)
7. Les Orgie (02:46)
8. Fatman Stomp (01:41)
9. You Must Believe Me/My Regulars (01:14)
10. Hoe Down Car (01:47)
11. Mr. Ling’s Apartment/Enter the Studs (02:47)
12. She’s My Mother (02:42)
13. Pool Hall Rock (02:41)
14. Banjo Bike (01:00)
15. Juke Box Blues, Pt. 1 and 2 (01:16)
16. Alley Rock (02:07)
17. Turn Him Loose (00:42)
18. Chopped Meat (00:55)
19. Casino Source (02:11)
20. Catch Cleo/Car Crash (04:19)
21. Casino Fight (02:41)
22. Dead Dragon Lady (03:23)
23. End Title (01:17)
24. Main Title (instrumental) (03:35)
25. Take Me Away (main title, alternate lyrics, version #1) (03:36)
26. Take Me Away (main title, alternate lyrics, version #2) (03:36)
Tracks 24-26: Bonus Tracks From Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold
27. Theme From Cleopatra Jones [Extended Version] (04:46) Written by Joe Simon - Produced and Sung by Joe Simon - Performed by The Mainstreeters - Strings Arranged by Bert de Coteaux
28. Am I Blue (05:14) Composed by Roger Kellaway - Performed by Pattie Brooks
29. Swing Down Chariot (03:23) Composed by Roger Kellaway - Performed by Pattie Brooks
30. Theme From Cleopatra Jones (extended version, alternate vocal take) (04:46) Written by Joe Simon - Produced and Sung by Joe Simon - Performed by The Mainstreeters - Strings Arranged by Bert de Coteaux

I'm sure people has been wondering about this. Well it definitely delivers and I am glad that I was able to come across it.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jerry Goldsmith - Take A Hard Ride (1975)

01 The Hunter
02 Main Title
03 Memories
04 The Search
05 The Snake
06 Uneasy Alliance
07 Friendly Enemies
08 Fancy Footwork
09 Hunter's Harmonica
10 A Sad Story
11 The Ambush
12 The Wagon
13 The Big Dive
14 The Aftermath
15 The Trek
16 The Mines
17 Work Camp
18 The Last Adversary
19 A Long Walk
Take A Hard Ride Soundtrack CD music Take a Hard Ride is a 1975 western set in America, produced by Italians, and starring a 'blaxploitation' cast-no kidding! The score is stirring and majestic and yet with quirkier touches, and represented Jerry Goldsmith's last western until the 1994 Bad Girls. Take A Hard Ride Soundtrack music CDs Its muscular, memorable main theme and Stravinsky-esque action cues are among the highlights.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Various Artist - Fist of Fear, Touch of Death (1980)

A1 = Keith Mansfield - National Trust
A2 = Nick Ingman - Giants Causeway
A3 = Brian Morgan - Power Source
A4 = Alan Hawkshaw - Fuel injection
A5 = Alan Hawkshaw - The Speed of Sound
A6 = Nick Ingman - Power Plus Plenty
B1 = Brian Morgan - Percussion Power
B2 = Brian Bennett - Flying Fists
B3 = Brian Morgan - Fast Action
B4 = Francis Monkman - Strident Theme
B5 = Brian Morgan - The Chaser
B6 = Brian Wade - Pathfinder

A contribution from Frayker that slipped through the cracks of BP.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Various Artist - Darktown Strutters (1975)

01 - Dark Town Strutters (Radio Spot)
02 - Opening Sequence
03 - Pie Fight
04 - Opening Credits
05 - Comedy Chase
06 - Motorcycle Queen
07 - Hangin' Out
08 - Kung Fu Lesson
09 - Arriving At The Police Station
10 - At The Club
11 - Shop Around
12 - Ku Klux Chase 1
13 - Black Face Singers
14 - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
15 - Ku Klux Chase 2
16 - To The Rescue
17 - Fighting The Klan
18 - It's A Boy
19 - End Titles
20 - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get (Bonus Track)

An unofficial soundtrack score from one of blaxploitation pride's friends. This is an excellent addition to BP and I am glad to have this exclusively. Thanks Big Tin!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Glass House - Inside The Glass House (1971)

1. Look what we've done to love
2. You ain't livin' unless you're lovin'
3. I surrendered
4. Hey there lonely girl
5. If it ain't love (it don't matter)
6. Hotel
7. Touch me Jesus
8. Heaven is there to guide us
9. Crumbs off the table
What's this? A Northern Soul LP listed under blaxploitation LPs? Well, here's an interesting story. Originally, the movie Detroit 9000 was to have been titled Motown 9000 and had a tie-in soundtrack issued through Motown. Motown got their crack songwriting team of Lamont Dozier on the case, and two songs were shot for the movie, Sunday Morning People and Touch me Jesus. Motown then dropped out, but the songs remained in the film. Both songs were issued on Lamont Dozier labels, so a version of Touch Me Jesus appears on here. It's a much more righteous, soulful mix with additional strings, but is still powerful and a good floorfiller. Many of the other tracks on this LP are also very funky (and some are straight soul) so it's a good one. Arrangements are by HB Barnum and Tony Camillo too, so it's going to be first-rate.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Various Artist - Thank God It's Friday (1978)

01. Love and kisses - Thank God It's Friday
02. Pattie Brooks - After Dark
03. Donna Summer - With Your Love
04. Donna Summer - Last Dance
05. Paul Jabara - Disco Queen
06. Cameo - Find My Way
07. The Commodores - Too Hot Ta Trot
08. Wright Bros Flying Machine - Leatherman's Theme
09. Marathon - I wanna dance
10. Sunshine - Take It To The Zoo
11. Santa Esmeralda - Sevilla Nights
12. Love and Kisses - You’re the most precious thing in my life
13. D.C. LaRue - Do You Want The Real Thing
14. Paul Jabara - Trapped in a stairway
15. Natural Juices - Floyd's Theme
16. Diana Ross - Lovin', Livin', And Givin'
17. Thelma Houston - Love Masterpiece
18. Donna Summer - Last dance (Q's For The Good Ole Days Mix)
19. Donna Summer - Je T'Aime... Moi Non Plus
Sure, Thank God It's Friday is widely acknowledged to be a turkey. And, sure, we're getting close to the bottom of the disco barrel. But this soundtrack isn't as atrocious as you might expect, especially if you have a high tolerance for disco's Euro strain. Unlike Can't Stop the Music and its exclusive Village People focus, there are many artists represented here, ensuring a fair amount of nuggets next to abominations like Santa Esmeralda. The tracks produced by Giorgio Moroder and his acolyte Pete Bellotte are particularly lush in a robotic kind of way. Donna Summer's contributions include the classic "Last Dance" and a pretty fabulous version of Serge Gainsbourg's "Je t'Aime Moi Non Plus"--a good 20 years before it was hip to cover him, we might add.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Monk Higgin and Solomon Burke - Sheba Baby (1975) & Cool Breeze (1972)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bill Harris – Uptown Saturday Night OST [7''] (Warner Bros. Records) ‘1974

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Originals – Supernatural Voodoo Woman [Sugar Hill OST 7''] (Soul) ‘1974

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Melvin Van Peebles & Mickey Baker - La Permission (1968)

1. Hard Times
2. Wild Party
3. Spanish Dream
4. Theme De La Permission
5. Generique
6. La Permission
A quick cinema history lesson: Van Peebles couldn't get a movie job in the USA due to race issues, so he went to France, wrote a novel to qualify for filmmaker rights, then directed his first feature (aka. Story Of A 3 Day Pass) in France. Cue critical acclaim (both abroad and in the USA) and, eventually, a job in Hollywood. Anyway, this is the original soundtrack, only issued on 4 track EP in France. And it's a cracker! Two strong funky jazz cuts on here, one party number, and one superb Moogy organ cut in the theme. Highly recommended, top drawer stuff.

Thanks Frank, you da man!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Boris Gardiner Happening - Every Nigger Is A Star OST (1973)

01. Boris Gardiner - Every Nigger Is A Star (Theme From) - Vocal by Boris Gardiner
02. Merlyn Brocks - You Just Got To Be In Love - Vocal sung by Merlyn Brocks
03. Jackie Bernard - Rough & Tough In The Ghetto - Vocal sung by Jackie Bernard
04. Boris Gardiner - Ghetto Funk - Featuring Leslie Butler
05. Boris Gardiner - Home Again - Vocal sung by Boris Gardiner
06. Boris Gardiner - Funky Nigger - Featuring Leslie Butler
07. The Scorpion - Deadly Sting
08. Boris Gardiner - Rats In The Ghetto (Instrumental)
09. Boris Gardiner - Every Nigger Is A Star - Vocal sung by Boris Gardiner - Ivor Londo, Guitar
10. Boris Gardiner - Negril - Featuring Leslie Butler

An even rarer one. And perhaps in need of the most explanation since the film, starring Blaxplo-smoochie Calvin Lockhart of west-indian heritage, is hardly to be seen in the Imdb. There's an interview about the making of the soundtrack in the Jamaica Gleaner w. Boris Gardiner HERE. This movie is supposed to try and turn the word Nigger on its head for the black population of Jamaica in the '70s, much like the ghetto Youths of today like to Use the word Ma' Nigga affectionally. Needless to say the film flopped and sank into obscurity (perhaps for good reasons). The only trace I've seen of it is this poster on e-bay:

The title and the circumstances are truly grim, but this OST's appearance on here is IMHO a call for celebration. It's underservedly remained unissued in complete form. The tracks Ghetto Funk and Negril have appeared on a comp or two and the singles from the LP have been known to circulate among collectors, hence my requests in the column. But this!! The sound quality is very good considering the source and DAMN! Boris Gardiner knows how to git down, there are soulful vocals and rumbling reggae basslines, gut bucket blues and ripping organwork as always. Savour this gem.

A big up to DJTeddy Rosso from Norway and his man in Vienna for making this possible for the entire blaxploitationworld to enjoy.
Provided by Funkback

Saxton Kari & his Orchestra - Six Thousand Dollar Nigger OST (1978)

1. Saxton Kari And His Orchestra - Feeling Good
2. Saxton Kari And His Orchestra - Bionic Sonata
3. Saxton Kari And His Orchestra - A Little Jazzy
4. Saxton Kari And His Orchestra - 6,000 What
5. Saxton Kari And His Orchestra - Funky Feelin' (Pt. I)
6. Saxton Kari And His Orchestra - Midnight Comfort
7. Saxton Kari And His Orchestra - Old Time Jam
8. Saxton Kari And His Orchestra - Lovers
9. Saxton Kari And His Orchestra - Funky Feelin' (Pt. II)

This is one rare mutha. The movie in question must be one of the most painfully unintentionally comic features in the world. It features the Soul crooner Benny Latimore in a thug role and he's not singin' a note! The OST is out on a sub-label to T.K. so one would hope for some Latimore, but alas, after watching it perhaps he refused to be part of it. The music is alright tho' as Blaxploitation OST's go and I bet there are precious few more that was officially issued in full that has yet to see the light of day so enjoy!

A huge thanx to my friend from Norway DJTeddyRosso and His man in Vienna for making this possible for the entire blaxploitation universe.

Provided by Funkback

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shaft (TV Series - The Executioners) OST - Johnny Pate (1974)

Frayker, Frayker, Frayker!!!

Funkbacks comment
I've scoured the net for any info on this episode of the TV-series. I've reached the conclusion that It must be the first episode called the Enforcers that's somehow changed it's name in the process, and maybe place to be broadcast. There was no episode called the Executioners broadcast, but the plot in the Enforcers makes a good case for such a title.

Link to TV-series review
John Llewellyn Moxey - Shaft TV-series Episode 1 The Enforcers (1973)