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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Off-Duty (1972)


"A Black Man can't catch a cab in New York." Written by Anthony B. Major (Super Spook), Bill Jay stars in this silent short film of his trials and tribulations on trying to catch a cab in the Big Apple. He starts with just trying to signal one down, but when that fails he offers money to a passing by Marki Bey (Sugar Hill, The Landlord) to catch one for him. When that fails he dressed up in a variety of costumes to try and catch a cab. Music for the film is done by Rheet Taylor.

"Anthony B. Major wrote and directed the Award winning short "Off-Duty", segments for the NBC-TV syndicated That Teen Show and directed and produced, based on his original idea, the nationally and internationally distributed feature film, "SuperSpook", a parody on super heroes."

-Anthony B. Major's Home Page