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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Anna Lucasta (1958)


When wild child Anna Lucasta (Kitt) is banished from the family home by her self-righteous father, she falls into a life of prostitution and into the arms of street-wise sailor Danny Johnson (Davis). But after Anna shocks them all by finally finding true love with a well-heeled young suitor, her unforgiving father sets a vengeful plan in motion to remind his daughter of her sordid past and destroy her future forever! 

Anna Lucasta (1944 - 1946, Broadway)

The 1958 film was based on a Broadway play featuring an all-black cast. Anna Lucasta (Broadway) seen huge success in having over 900 performances in a two-year span. The lead actress that played the character Anna Lucasta was Hilda Simms (The Joe Louis Story). 

Anna Lucasta is a Broadway play by Philip Yordan. It premiered on Broadway in 1944 at the Mansfield Theatre. Inspired by Eugene O'Neill's Anna Christie, the play was originally written about a Polish American family. The American Negro Theatre director Abram Hill and director Henry Wagstaff Gribble adapted the script for an all African American cast. The original cast included Hilda Simms, Canada Lee and Alice Childress.