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Friday, December 23, 2016

Il corpo [a.k.a. The Body] (1974)


On the Caribbean island of Trinidad, Princess, a beautiful Black woman, unleashed violent passions in two men: the mature and alcoholic Antoine, married to a woman who is moving away from him, and the young penniless Alain that Antoine hosts in his house. Alain falls in love with Princess and together they decide to kill Antoine to escape from the island. Their passion, intrigue, and sensuality are unleashed around a body object of desire and a passport to damnation...

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Night Call Nurses (1972)


Meet the compassionate and dynamite Afro chick Sandra (Mittie Lawrence), the foxy blonde Janis (Alana Stewart), and the cute brunette Barbara (Patti Byrne) in, Night Call Nurses. They are a fun trio serving as student nurses in a California hospital, run by a racist superintendent. Their chief nemesis is the stern head nurse, who despises their sexual shenanigans. Soul sister Sandra, guilty over witnessing the suicide of a patient, helps out a framed black activist (Stack Pierce) in the prison ward. Janis helps a speed freak truck driver come down off his high and falls head over heels for him. Barbara takes time off in a hippie encounter group that messes with her mind. These nurses put goofy orderlies in their place, scare off slimy medicine salesmen, and stand up to the man whenever they get a chance.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Carson Whitsett - Wonder Women [Featuring Charles May and Annette Thomas] (1973, Soundtrack Score)

Shirley Washington

Marilyn Joi

WONDER WOMEN is a film that has smalls roles from Shirley Washington and Marilyn Joi. These few scenes from them are noteworthy, but for the purpose of this post; the soundtrack score is a nugget! Music by Carson Whitsett with the theme song "Wonder Women" produced by Charles May and vocals by Annette Thomas, offers classic funks sounds of the seventies. If there is an official release of this soundtrack, then that would be great to know. Until then, I have extracted a few tracks from the film. There are a few more that I will share, but for now enjoy these funky tunes from the film WONDER WOMEN.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Marvin and Tige (1983)


Marvin, a heavy-drinking widower who has seen better days and now ekes out a living at odd jobs, meets Tige, an 11-year-old black boy about to kill himself because his mother has just died. With nowhere else to stay, Tige moves in with Marvin and they develop a close (if sometimes stormy) relationship which is good for both of them. Marvin wants to adopt Tige but knows that he is too poor to give him a good home, as becomes painfully clear when Tige catches pneumonia. Then he discovers who Tige's father is: a rich suburbanite who doesn't even know that Tige exists. Should he, and can he, give up the boy he loves, and who loves him, in favor of a stranger with the right genes and bank balance but who doesn't care?