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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Night Call Nurses (1972)


Meet the compassionate and dynamite Afro chick Sandra (Mittie Lawrence), the foxy blonde Janis (Alana Stewart), and the cute brunette Barbara (Patti Byrne) in, Night Call Nurses. They are a fun trio serving as student nurses in a California hospital, run by a racist superintendent. Their chief nemesis is the stern head nurse, who despises their sexual shenanigans. Soul sister Sandra, guilty over witnessing the suicide of a patient, helps out a framed black activist (Stack Pierce) in the prison ward. Janis helps a speed freak truck driver come down off his high and falls head over heels for him. Barbara takes time off in a hippie encounter group that messes with her mind. These nurses put goofy orderlies in their place, scare off slimy medicine salesmen, and stand up to the man whenever they get a chance.