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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Terence Blanchard - Malcolm X [Original Score] (1992)

Columbia CK 53190
Country: United States
Format: CD
Release Date: 1992


1 Opening Credits Boys Choir Of Harlem 2:15
2 Young Malcolm Boys Choir Of Harlem 2:16
3 Cops and Robbers :45
4 Earl's Death :38
Performed by: Branford Marsalis, Orchestra
5 Flashback Blanchard, Orchestra 4:19
6 Numbers 1:12
Performed by: John Longo, Jerome Richardson, James Hynes
7 Fire 1:43
8 Back to Boston 1:00
Performed by: Jerome Richardson, Tarus Mateen, Blanchard
9 Malcolm Meets Baines 3:05
10 Black and White 3:56
Performed by: Jackson, Eugene Jr., Orchestra
11 Little Lamb Vision 3:47
12 Malcolm's Letter 1:40
13 Malcolm Meets Elijah 1:55
14 The Old Days 4:00
Performed by: Blanchard, Britt Woodman, Roland Hanna
15 Betty's Theme 1:03
Performed by: Branford Marsalis, Bruce Barth, Nedra Wheeler
16 Fruit of Islam 3:51
17 First Minister Boys Choir Of Harlem 2:28
18 Betty's Conflict 3:33
Performed by: Branford Marsalis, Orchestra
19 Malcolm Speaks to Secretaries 1:42
20 Malcolm Confronts Baines 2:16
21 Chickens Come Home 1:03
Performed by: Jim Saporito, Warren Smith, Gordon Gottlieb
22 Going to Mecca 1:51
Performed by: Simon Shaheen, Michael Baklook, Orchestra
23 Firebomb 2:51
Performed by: Orchestra, Branford Marsalis
24 Assassins Orchestra, Blanchard :48
25 Assassination Blair Tindall :46
26 Eulogy Boys Choir Of Harlem 3:51
Composer/conductor Terence Blanchard, better known as one of the Wynton Marsalis-era young jazz traditionalists and an outstanding trumpet player, turns in a score worthy of the scope of Spike Lee's biographical drama. He mixes jazz segments with effective orchestral mood pieces for a series of musical settings in keeping with the heroic sweep of the film.
by William Ruhlmann

Provided by kegorogers

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Bill Lee feat. Branford Marsalis - Do The Right Thing Original Score (1989)

A1 Mookie Goes Home
A2 We Love Roll Call Y-All
A3 Father To Son
A4 Da Mayor Drinks His Beer
A5 Delivery For Love Daddy
A6 Riot
A7 Magic, Eddie, Prince Ain´t Niggers
A8 Mookie (Septet)
A9 How Long ?
B1 Mookie (Orchestra)
B2 Da Mayor Loves Mother Sister
B3 Da Mayor Buys Roses
B4 Tawana
B5 Malcolm And Martin
B6 Wake Up Finale

Orchestra - Natural Spiritual Orchestra, The
Bass - Robert Hurst
Drums - Jeff "Tain" Watts
Piano - James Williams , Kenny Barron
Saxophone [Alto] - Donald Harrison
Saxophone [Tenor], Saxophone [Soprano] - Branford Marsalis
Trumpet - Marlon Jordan , Terence Blanchard
Producer, Mixed By, Composed By, Conductor - Bill Lee
Recorded By, Engineer - Patrick Smith
Engineer - James Nichols
Mastered By - Vlado Meller

A Spike Lee Joint
Recorded December 12-16, 1988, Mixed July 17-19, 1989 at RCA Studios, NY.
Bill Lee - Do The Right Thing Original Score
Label: CBS
Catalog#: 465960 1
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Netherlands
Released: 1989

In my own humble opinion this is a veritable who's who of crack New York talent at the time, blowin' it out to create the right atmosphere for this historical piece of cinema. While it's more famous for the HipHop music, perhaps it's unjustly so. Discover this and let Your socks glide across the floor once more! Thank You Bill and Lee.

Provided by Funkback

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Various Artists - Do The Right Thing (1989)

1 Public Enemy - Fight The Power 5:29
Producer - Carl Ryder , Eric Sadler , Hank Shocklee
2 Teddy Riley Feat. Guy - My Fantasy 4:56
Producer - Gene Griffin , Teddy Riley
3 E.U. - Party Hearty 4:40
Producer - Ju Ju House , Kent Wood
4 Steel Pulse - Can't Stand It 5:03
Producer - David R. Hinds* , Sidney Mills
5 Keith John - Why Don't We Try 3:32
Producer - Raymond Jones
6 Perri - Feel So Good 5:38
Producer - Paul Laurence
7 Take 6 - Don't Shoot Me 4:06
Producer - Mervyn E. Warren*
8 Lori Perry And Gerald Alston - Hard To Say 3:20
Producer - Paul Laurence
9 Perri - Prove To Me 5:22
Producer - Raymond Jones , Sami McKinney
10 Al Jarreau - Never Explain Love 5:56
Producer - Raymond Jones
11 Ruben Blades - Tu Y Yo 5:12
Producer - Ruben Blades

Executive Producer - Spike Lee
The soundtrack for director Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing is a veritable window into the hip-hop/contemporary R&B scene circa 1989. Peppered with "new jack" era slabs of wax from the likes of Public Enemy (the iconic "Fight the Power"), summer party staples from E.U. ("Party Hearty") and Teddy Riley ("My Fantasy"), and deep slow jams from Perri and Al Jarreau, it's the perfect background for a hot night in the city, and like the film itself, it's both frivolous and foreboding. [Motown reissued Do the Right Thing with two remixes of Guy's "My Fantasy."].
by James Christopher Monger

Provided by Funkback

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Blaxploitation Fashion

This is too cool to not be on BP. I know some of you can relate to these fashions from the 70's. These ads are from old Ebony Magazines between 1970-'76. Please visit "Learning 2 Share" for more fashion from in the 70's.

Here are some more cool hair fashions from the 70's. If you notice Mr. Wone with the "Blow Up" from back in the day ;-) Just Kidding!!! Please visit "Meathaus" to see more Funky Fro's from Ebony Magazine.