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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Various Artist - The Return Of Superfly (1990)

1. Superfly 1990
2. Eazy Street
3. Cheeba Cheeba
4. Funky In The Joint
5. On The Real Tip
6. Showdown
7. Forbidden
8. Take You Home
9. There's A Riot Jumpin' Off
10. Somethin' Like This
11. Superfly 1990 (instrumental)
12. For The Love Of You

Kind of hard to find a review on this soundtrack, but considering some of the Hip-Hop artist featured with Curtis Mayfield I sure this will not be a disappointment.

Thanks Flashlight

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Various Artist - Black Samurai (1978)

1. Alan Hawkshaw - Flashback
2. Fernando Pearson - Mellow Dancer
3. Keith Mansfield - Love Poem
4. Walter Murphy - Dangerous Curves
5. Keith Mansfeild - Aggressive Jazz Theme
6. Alan Parker - Soul Slap (Instrumental)
7. Madeline Bell - Soul Slap (Vocal)
8. Frank McDonald - Super Kool
9. Johnny Pearson - The Big Fuzz
10. Walter Murphy - Emergency
11. Walter Murphy - Back Streets
12. Walter Murphy - Time Runs Out
13. Syd Dale - Walk in a Nightmare
14. Syd Dale - Piece Worker
15. Frank McDonald - Prowl
16. Walter Murphy - Night Stalker
17. Walter Murphy - Emergency
18. Walter Murphy - Creepy Street
19. Walter Murphy - Lurking Shadows
20. Walter Murphy - Insomnia
21. Military Percussion Two (bonus)

An unofficial release compiled by Blaxploitation Pride's friend Frakyer. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Alan Silvestri - The Mack & His Pack (1983)

1. In The Beginning
2. Cruisin'
3. Planetarium
4. Kill Fats Here Today
5. Here Today
6. Party Time
7. We Can Beat This
8. Play Ball
9. Slim
Despite the cover, this soundtrack is actually taken from a 1983 sequel to black action classic The Mack. The movie is very obscure and is not referenced in many of the standard video handbooks. One alternative title is 'The Mack And His Pack'. The movie disappeared straight to video and is hard to find, as is the soundtrack LP on the obscure ALA label. The music, by Alan Silvestri, has a tight 1980s sound and is reminiscent of Three Days Of The Condor in places. The vocal tracks feature the great Gene McDaniels (of ultra-rare funk LP classic 'Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse' fame). The whole album is tight, funky and sparse in sound; slap bass, soprano sax and toppy guitar predominate. Recommended but very hard to find. Absolutely at the opposite end of the funk spectrum from the original Willie Hutch score. Check out 'Party Time' and 'Here Today'.
This is the alternative soundtrack to the classic 70s blaxploitation movie The Mack starring Max Julien, Don Gordon and Richard Pryor.

The movie was originally released in 1973 with a great soundtrack by Willie Hutch. In 1983 and 1985 it was rereleased in cinemas to capitalize on the popularity of Richard Pryor and Roger E. Mosely, who were by now household names.
This LP contains the soundtrack for the reissued movie.
It's a great soundtrack with a top-notch, quality 80s soul and funk vibe - whilst also giving a nod to the classic 70s blaxploitation sound.
Composed by Alan Silvestri, The Mack features vocal performances from the great Gene McDaniels (of funk LP classic 'Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse' fame).
Thanks Frayker Breaks

Friday, July 4, 2008

H.B. Barnum - Five On The Black Hand Side (1973)

01. Five On The Black Hand Side (Performed by Keisa Brown & Prime Cut)
02. Kung Fu John Henry
03. Freedom (Performed by H. Barnum)
04. Tell Me You Love Me
05. They Keep Comin
06. Gideon & Morn
07. Black Star Barber Shop
08. Sweet Meat
09. Stormy & Gladys
10. Playin' Numbers
11. Temperance Woman
12. Roof Top Fight
13. Fun Lovin' Rap
14. Mama On The Roof, Gail Reads Demands
15. Fun Lovin' Arrives
16. Reception Line Dance
17. They Keep Comin'
18. I'll Give You Love (Performed by H. Barnum)

Review by The Doctor
This is a soundtrack that was never released on vinyl (Except for a hard to find 45' containing the theme song with Keisa Brown). Any way it has recently been released. For the most part, the music contained is a bunch of 1 to 2 minute musical stings, but I would consider it a pretty solid Blaxploitation album. It contains all the typical instrumentation you'd find in a Blaxploitation soundtrack; rhodes keys, wah guitar, funky beats, etc. Enjoy.