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Thursday, September 7, 2017

DAARAC'S Top 10 Blaxploitation Films [Presented by FilmDoo]

A Blaxploitation top 10 list is a living breathing entity. Over the last 9 or so years, we have presented over 300 films we consider to be of the Blaxplotiation genre. The difficulty of selecting films to be in this top 10 was something we spent time thinking about. We have left off several films many may think should be in this top 10, but these are our favorite and FilmDoo has done an excellent job in presenting this list. We have been working closely with them to help bring awareness of Black films from around the world.

Friday, June 23, 2017

New Partnership With FilmDoo
We are happy to announce our partnership with FilmDoo, which is a Video on Demand (VOD) based company that focus on the diversity of independent and international films from around the world. FilmDoo is a particularly great resource for African cinema, which is an area DAARAC has been expanding on. We will also be helping FilmDoo expand their diversity of films by introducing more African-American cinema to the international community, especially independent films that are not as easily available.

Joe Bullet (1973)
As many know, DAARAC focuses on the education of Black Cinema and JOE BULLET is a testament to what we do here. Banned by the South African Apartheid Government, JOE BULLET was unseen until Gravel Road Distribution Group in cooperation with Retro Afrika Bioscope remastered the film for release. This film will be featured on FilmDoo for viewing as well as many other South African Blaxploitation films that were banned.

The partnership with FilmDoo will definitely open new avenues of films that we haven’t covered at DAARAC and we look forward to continue the tradition of promoting, educating and bringing awareness to Black Cinema around the world.