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Friday, April 27, 2018

Ebony Film Corporation

The Ebony Film Corporation (also known as Ebony Film Company) was formed in 1917 in Chicago, Illinois. The company was started by two white men, but the president of the company was an African-American named Luther J. Pollard. The company produced several comedies during its' short operation and was praised for providing black actors with opportunities and non-stereotypical roles that were uncommon for blacks during that time. Many of these films today are badly damaged or lost. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the Ebony Comedies for research and reference purposes.

List of Films

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Law of Nature (1917) [Lost Film]

Lincoln Motion picture Company. A beautiful eastern society girl is the governess of the children of a wealthy cattleman whom she eventually marries. The lure of bright lights, dances and cabarets prove irresistible for her, so she, with her husband and children, returns east. The humiliation she suffers because of the crudeness of her rancher husband in society and the persistent attentions of a former admirer lead to innumerable complications which result in her husband and children returning to the west. Cast aside, alone, deserted, homeless, ill, she finally realizes her folly and the inevitable consequences of the violation of 'Nature's Law'; she returns west to her husband and children. The regeneration complete, she succumbs to the will of God.