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Friday, March 2, 2018

The Millionaire (1927) [Lost Film]


"The Millionaire" deals with the adventures of Pelham Gustry, a Negro Soldier of Fortune; a mans who, as a youth, possessed great initiative and a definite objective, hies himself far from the haunts of his race—thousands of miles away to South America. There, upon the wild, billowy plains of The Argentine, he becomes a sort of "Wild Bull Of The Pampas." Fifteen years fly by—and, having amassed a huge fortune, he returns to America, his heart anxious and hungry for that most infinite of all things—women! In New York, he meets Celia Wellington, the siren—but unworthy creature; the concubine of the "Lizard," most notorious underworld character in all New York, who, in league with Brock, king of the underworld, seek to inveigle him into marriage with the vampire. What follows makes up the story on chock full of action, thrills, romance and intrigue until it will keep you grasping the seat and catching your breath in a never ending stem of excitement and interest. 

**This film is considered lost until notified otherwise**