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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Native Son (1951)


Based on the novel by Rchard Wright, the story tell of a Black chauffeur, named Bigger Thomas (Richard Wright). He was given the opportunity to drive for a wealthy white family. The family's daughter (Jean Wallace) talks Bigger into driving her to a labor rally so that she can rendezvous with her "radical" boy friend. On the way home, Bigger misinterprets the girl's kindnesses towards him as being sexually motivated. Later on, Bigger drives the girl home after she's been on a drunken binge. Too drunk to walk, Bigger carriers her inside to her room. The girls blind mother shows up and scared that the daughter will cry rape because there is a Black man in her room, Bigger attempts to silence her while the girl's mother is talking to her. After the mother leaves, Bigger has realized the she is dead. From this point, the trouble he is in only begins to get worst as be battles with the morals of society. 


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I am working with this novel for a current project in my grad-class. Do you know where to locate the film from 1951. I'm attempting to locate it in order to begin working on my comparison project.

Thank you for your time!


test said...

This movie playing right now on TMC (Turner Movie Classic) on demand.