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Monday, August 21, 2017

Naked Evil (1966)


"Smash the bottle and you unleash the devil!" What looks like an innocent piece of pottery filled with dust and feathers holds the key to terror in NAKED EVIL, an eerie horror gem that historically proceeded the Black horror trend of the 1970s and explored the terrifying themes of possession and exorcism years before THE EXORCIST. Two street gangs are tearing each apart an English town, and now one of them is turning to Jamaican black magic in the form o an "obi" - a bottle containing a ruthless demon which kills it recipient when opened. Violent deaths and graveyard desecrations lead the police to a local youth hostel, where Father Goodman and headmaster Mr. Benson - both experts in voodoo traditions - are the only chance of stopping this nameless, faceless evil!