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Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Man's Duty (1919) [Lost Film]

Lincoln Motion Picture Company. Wealthy man about town, Richard Beverly, and Hubert Gordon are rivals for the affections of Myra Lewis. A drunken binge, contrived by Hubert to embarrass Richard in public, winds up with Richard spending the night in a bordello with a girl named Helen. Learning of the trick the next day, Richard, seeking revenge, engages Hubert in a fight. Hubert hits his head on a rock when he falls down after being hit by Richard. Richard, thinking that he has killed Hubert, flees to a distant city where he spends his time drinking booze all day. It is there that Richard meets Merriam Givens .... Hoping to clear himself of his disgrace so that he can marry Merriam, he writes home and learns that, although Hubert survived the accident, the prostitute Helen is pregnant as a result of their night together in the bordello. Richard confides in Merriam who tells him that the child she has raised is not hers and the he should return home to marry Helen. Upon Richard's return, he learns that Hubert, who has married Myra is really the father of Helen's unborn child. Richard summons Merriam to marry him. 

**This film is considered lost until notified otherwise.**