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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blankman (1994)


Inner-city siblings, Darryl (Damon Wayans) and Kevin Walker (David Alan Grier), are living with their grandmother, who is helping out with Mayor Marvin Harris' campaign. Darryl is a geeky tech-savvy nerd that spends most of his day inventing gadgets. His brother, however, is a news cameraman that works for the 'hard edition' at a significant network company. After Darryl and Kevin's grandmother is killed in a mafia hit by the crime boss, Micheal Minelli (Jon Polito), Darryl discovers that a chemical accident made clothes bulletproof, which prompts him to become a crimefighter. With the beautiful reporter Kimberly Jonz (Robin Givens), keeping track of the superhero, Blankman sets out to get revenge on the man that killed his grandmother.