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Monday, January 18, 2010

Carl Douglas - Somebody Stop This Madness (From The Embassy) OST 45 (1972)

Somebody Stop This Madness Carl Douglas Blue Mountain BM 1007, 1972
What the hell is this?! A new blaxploitation soundtrack discovery? Yes, and thanks to top Norwegian beat bigger and DJ Teddy Rosso, we can all hear the incredible funk of Carl Douglas before he sank into cod Kung Fu disco with his later 1970s hits. This one's a super-tight wah-wah funker (yes, it really is) and is taken from the obscure Richard Roundtree blaxploitation thriller 'The Embassy', produced in the UK in 1971, fact fans. Highly recommended - you won't believe your ears!

And he didn't hesitate to let us hear the goodness either, enjoy!