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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Adam Clayton Powell (1989)

  • Julian Bond (narrator)
  • Dr. John Henrik Clarke
  • Roger Wilkins
  • Shirley Chisholm

Masterfully directed by Richard Kilberg, this film explores the nature of power, personality, and politics as exemplified in a flawed, but sublime hero.

The Academy Award-nominated ADAM CLAYTON POWELL delves into the gripping life and career of the most influential and flamboyant civil rights leader in America in the '30s, '40s and '50s. From his emergence as the princely pastor of Harlem's enormous Abyssinian Baptist Church, to his improbable, riotous political climb and eventual ruin, this must-watch film captures a man who was truly larger than life.

Narrated by civil rights activist Julian Bond and resplendent with rich archival footage and candid interviews with those who knew him best, this tell-all documentary mines the good, bad, and ugly acts of Powell's illustrious but controversial career - the multiple marriages, the uproarious taunting of the white establishment, his desegregation of Congress, and his shameful smearing of Martin Luther King, Jr. from self-imposed exile on the island of Bimini.
An unforgettable story of being unforgivably black in white America, ADAM CLAYTON POWELL makes for ''endlessly fascinating, thoroughly enjoyable'' viewing (Chicago Sun-Times).


the saucer people said...

Any chance of reposting the documentary on Adam Clayton Powell as all the RS links are dead...thanks by the way for sharing so many wonderful films and soundtracks, many of them would have otherwise disappeared permanently down the memory hole or restricted to a handful of collectors!

funky bratwursts said...

oh yes, please, and the same would be cool with "how to eat a watermelon...". 1001 thanks for your site, it is fanfuckingtastic! you can't imagine, how nearly impossible it is to find stuff like that over here in germany...

Anonymous said...

Yes, please re-up this doc about a very important man.

Anonymous said...

Please re-post new links!