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Monday, November 16, 2009

Black Heat (1976)


Timothy Brown (Dynamite Brothers, A Place Called Today) stars as "Kicks" Carter, a tough-as-nails Las Vegas cop and one bad dude hot on the trail of a black mob boss named Guido (J.C. Wells, Bare Knuckles). Guido and his sleazy henchmen Ziggy (Russ Tamblyn) are planning a big-time drug for munitions trade, but Kicks and partner Tony (Geoffrey Land) stand in the way of it going down. When Tony is killed in a spectacular car chase and crash, Kicks decides it's high time for payback, and nobody better get in HIS way. With the help of Alphonse (Al Richards, Mean Mother), his ghetto contact, and a beautiful TV news reporter (Tanya Boyd, Black Shampoo) who can't get enough of him. Kicks track down Guido and his hoods into the desert for the final vicious showdown and explosive shoot-out. And if Kicks has any say, those low-lives are gonna pay!