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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tongue - Roger Hamilton Spotts (1975)

Side A
1. Tongue (04:30)
Vocal: Caprice Clark
2. Funk Time (02:09)
3. Quasi’s Theme (07:40)
4. Mind Blower (03:27)
5. Cherry’s Thing (01:47)
Side B
6. Party Time (18:33)
Yes, here it is at last – one of the holy grails of blaxploitation soundtrack collecting. The original issue of this rare black porn flick soundtrack is a highly prized commodity following its bootlegging a couple of years ago. Issued in tiny quantities on the small Chocolate Cities label, the music is super-tight porno funk all through, with lashings of wicked wah, funky drums, bass licks and deep breathy moans. Quality stuff! The flip is entirely taken up with one long jam played over the top of a scene from the film, sound effects and all. Highly recommended – rarely turns up!

Provided by MusicDawn, who has the following comment on the conditions:
Unfortunately the rip of lp is unfull. B-side with Party Time is missing. If anyone have it and could share it – please post it in comments. It makes a lot of funkers happy :)

Link to movie review
Niva Ruschell - Tongue (1976)


Simon666 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Simon666 said...

thanks for the tip funkback!

Funkback said...

Now Obscure has come through with the goods for us all to enjoy! Combine this with what's on Musicdawn's blog for the full experience of Tongue by Roger Hamilton Spotts.
Side B: Party Time

Simon666 said...

woohoo big thanks for the missing track!


Big Thanks Soul Brothers! We've finally made it:) I've been looking for side track for a 7 long years:)

While i was listening to it - my girlfriend came from the kitchen with the question "Hey, what are you watching?" :) Its not the best track of the ost - its not a track at all - but a real swinger party time) Anyway now the complete "Tongue" uncovered!

Anonymous said...

is it possible to repost the entire b-side again now that megaupload has been deleted or could share email-addresses?

Unknown said...