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Monday, June 16, 2008

Infernal Blues Machine - Adios Amigo (1976)

1. Adios Amigo
2. Needing You (Wanting You, Loving You)
3. When You Move You Lose
4. Ju Ju
5. Never Turn Your Back On A Friend
6. When Loves Calls Your Name
7. Write Me A Letter
8. Ain't That Love
9. I Can Make It But It Would Be Easier With Love
This album contains some obscure blaxploitation cuts from the Fred Williamson movie 'Adios Amigo'. The movie theme is pretty tight - good strong groove, slightly cod Mexican feel to it, but it moves well. The other two tracks from the movie are forgettable love themes. The first side of this LP comprises the funk tracks - there's a strong hard funk cut in Ju Ju - while the flip tracks are the dull soulful numbers. Worth a dig.

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Adios Amigo (1976)