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Monday, June 16, 2008

BlackSmoke - The Candy Tangerine Man [A.K.A. The Candy Tangerine Man] (1976)

1. Gotta Bad Feeling
2. Screamin'
3. Turn This Feeling Around
4. There It Is
5. I Don't Care (What You Do)
6. You Needn't Worry Now
7. What Goes Around Comes Around
8. Sunshine Roses And Rainbow
9. Freedom Of The Mind
In our continuing mission to track down all sorts of obscure funk music as featured in the movies of the 1970s, we finally tracked down the music that's featured in B-movie blaxploitation classic 'Candy Tangerine Man'. It's from quite an easy-to-find funk LP, the self-title release by Smoke. The music is quality mid-70s dancefloor funk, pretty tight all through. Mostly vocal, it's not a standard soundtrack record and makes no mention of the movie on the sleeve, but check out the film then look at the hats of the guys on the LP sleeve... anyway, 3 tracks from this LP were used in the movie. Good stuff.

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