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Friday, June 20, 2008

Gerald Lee - Black Shampoo (1976)

1. Mr. Jonathan
2. I'll Get You
3. Soft
4. Move On
5. Can You Feel The Love
6. The Chase
7. The Search
8. The Bust Up
9. Deciding On You
10. Main Theme
11. The Flight
12. Fanfare
13. Can You Feel The Love (Reprise)
14. The BBQ
15. Love Theme
16. Black Briefcase
17. Deciding On You (Reprise)
18. Mr. Jonathan (Reprise)
19. The Rescue
20. Dialog
Funky music, dialogue and sound effects from the 1976 blaxploitation movie Black Shampoo. This is great for DJ/producers - with plenty of funky 70s music and clean dialogue to scratch or sample.

Ripped & Uploaded By: Nick Meztelen


Soulfinga said...

there you have it man ... but i´m sure you can get it in a record store near you, i found it in paris on holiday for 20 euro!

that one´s dope, no doubt ... and the story sounds weird, have you seen the movie?!?

cheerz, Soulfinga

Unknown said...

Thanks dawg! I got the movie but never thought the OST will be available! Keep on doin it!

beat2go00 said...

Thx a Mil!

Simon666 said...

Thanks guys!

Erik said...

Thank You! The greasiest of Blaxplo movies! This will be a blast to listen to w. dialogue and all! I hope You guys won't mind If I share this with the folks over at Cinemageddon where the movie in question is currently available as part of the ongoing Blaxploitaiton Project?

Tim Marti said...

Awesome job!
Your blog is getting better and better with all these contributions, like the new format also
this album kills it - said...

thanks so much for this!! your blog is the swingin'-est, badd-est source for interesting soundtracks I've ever heard of...

Thanks for all your hard work!!

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

today am I dreaming???
I love this kind of lps!!!
thanks for all your passion and love for great funky music!

Flashlight said...

Thanks SelfScience,
your blog is amazing!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much

Groovy Scene said...

thanks very much...peace.

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