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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Baron (1977)

Jason's gotta finish what he's started...and he needs big money-fast! His big mistake is to borrow money from his old street buddy, "Cokeman". The problem is, Cokeman is tied to mob-man Joey and Joey is bad, real bad...and he wants the money back. He'll even kill for it! Jason uses all of his wits and charm to keep ahead of Joey who is plain ruthless. When the two finally meet, only one will walk away. The Baron is loaded with surprises, taut suspense and memorable performances. 

Black Force [a.k.a. Force Four] (1975)


Whenever there's trouble, that's where you'll find the Force Four! These bad asses are ready for action 24 hours a day - if the money is right. When a priceless African statue is stolen and its courier murdered, Force Four is called in for a little old-fashion retribution, which happens to be their specialty.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


This is my absolute favorite sub-genre of blaxploitation. I am going to need the help of the blaxploitation community, but I think this will be a fun project for all.

Certain movies (i.e. Sung Dragon (1979))  did not quite make the list as a blaxploitation movie mainly because it is more kung fu oriented versus a blaxploitation flick. So I met with the Blax-Pride committee and the suggestion of blax-fu was brought to my attention. This is a solid way to combine blaxploitation and kung-fu into one sub-genre of blaxploitation. Blax-Fu features material art stars like Ron Van Clief, Jim Kelly, Clint Robinson, Warhawk Tanzania, and Carl Scott.

Ron Van Clief
Jim Kelly
Carl Scott

I have a preliminary list of blax-fu that will be updated accordingly. Contributions are always welcome because this project has some rare gems.

If there are more than can be added then please let me know. I also got some funky tunes from the movies that I would like share as well. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

In Search For......Cool Red (1976)

Can anyone offer some information or whereabouts for this movie? I am having a lot of trouble locating it.