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Thursday, December 20, 2018

A Giant of His Race (1921) [Lost Film]

Vicksburg Evening Post
Vicksburg, Warren, Mississippi
Sat, Dec 24, 1921 · Page 5

Daily Press
Newport News, Newport News, Virginia, United States of America
Sun, Dec 11, 1921 · Page 16

Winston-Salem Journal
Winston-Salem, Forsyth, North Carolina
Sun, Aug 28, 1921 · Page 18

The story tells of Munga who, although a slave in a new world, never renounces his faith and finally dies at a ripe old age, leaving behind the son who had been thought with him from Africa, now a young man. Under the name of Convington, he works his way through college, studies medicine, and after graduating, decides to devote his life to the uplifting of his people. The Yellow Plague breaks out and kills members of his race by the score. The doctor spends days researching for a cure, and finally fortune favors him. A young woman of his race is used in an experiment and is cured. Convington is awarded $100,000 for his discover. The friendship of the young woman and the doctor has now ripened into love and they marry.

*** This film is considered lost until notified otherwise. ***