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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Car Wash (1976)


This day-in-the-life cult comedy focuses on a group of friends working at Sully Boyar's Car Wash in Los Angeles. The team meets dozens of eccentric customers -- including a smooth-talking preacher (Richard Pryor), a wacky cab driver (George Carlin), and an ex-convict -- while cracking politically incorrect jokes to a constant soundtrack of disco and funk. Some of the workers find romance as the day moves along, but most are just happy to get through another shift.


Franklin Mint said...

I once saw a version of this movie on TV that had the cut scenes starring Danny DeVito. I've been searching for a copy of it since...but no luck. You'd think having a big name like that they'd release a directors cut or something? But no.

Malibu said...
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Malibu said...

Hey,the guy on the third picture ride an italian little motorbike called Piaggio Ciao (the same Vespa's brand) .

It's a very small engine,only 3 cid(50 cc).

Greetings from Italy

Max Reddick said...

This is one of my favorite all time comedies. Richard Pryor is at the very top of his game here and the soundtrack ain't bad either.

C said...

I've been trying to find the name of one of the characters and the actress who played her in this film. I only caught about half an h our of it in TV last week, and I am dying to find out who the woman who went into the bathroom to change was.

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