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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Truck Turner (1974)


Bounty hunter Mack "Truck" Turner (Isaac Hayes) almost always finds his target, but his latest prize -- a pimp called Gator (Paul Harris) -- is killed while Turner is chasing hm. Gator's girl, Dorinda (Nichelle Nichols), vows to avenge his death and offers ownership of her successful call girl operation to anyone who can knock off Turner. Upscale pimp Harvard Blue (Yaphet Kotto) steps in, upping the ante with professional assassins. Turner, however, isn't going down quickly.


Keith said...

Wow. So awesome. I watched this again not long ago. I had wanted to watch it since Isaac Hayes had passed away. I think I enjoyed it even more than in the past. It's one of my favorite blaxploitation movies. Great shots from it. Truck is one cool cat.

Zen Tiger said...
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Zen Tiger said...

oops major mad typos on that last post. note to self : reread before hitting enter :)

I have this one dvd but had to say great up! and props to the lost legend - great flick!

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many young White 'ies pretend to be Blacks, Be happy for what you are & stop the Stinkin B.S, I like the culture of blacks & other cultures, Enjoy it all for what it was, I loved the end of the 60's, all of the 70's & half of the 80's. I have made friends with all the different cultures as a young man & have enjoyed all, For the kicker,, Lets all be for Real!!!

SelfScience said...

Who is pretending?

Funkback said...

Say it loud, I'm white and I'm proud! ;-)