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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Rimshots - Patty (1976)

Review and Contribution By: The Doctor

About the movie:
This was a soundtrack off the Stang label to a biopic about Patty Hearst. The daughter of millionaire Randolph Hearst, she was kidnapped by an American revolutionary group but eventually joined the group; even helping them pull off a couple of bank heists, for which she went to prison. On a side note, while serving prison time for participating in these robberies, her sentence was commuted by Jimmy Carter and she was later fully pardoned by Bill Clinton. I have never seen the movie.

About the soundtrack:
It has contributions from the Rimshots, Moments, Retta Young and Chuck Jackson. To me, much of this soundtrack has a late 70's feel to it. Here's a breakdown of the songs on the LP:

  • 01 The Moments - Patty (Title Song): This is a slow soul song with the lead singer singing in a falsetto voice. Song has a dated 70's sound to it. Temptations are the closest comparison I can think of right now.
  • 02 The Rimshots - Do What You Feel: For the most part this is a Funk Instrumental with some clavinet and flute thrown in and some occaisional chanting.
  • 03 The Rimshots - Revelation: A slow instrumental that has a nice groove to it. I remember hearing this track on a comp album somewhere.
  • 04 Retta Young - Look At Me: A slow soul track that has a very nice, dated 70's sound to it. Think of 'Where is the Love' or 'Killing Me Softly'
  • 05 The Moments - It's Gonna Be Such A Beautiful Day: An upbeat soul track. Mid-Late 70's sound.
  • 06 Chuck Jackson - Love For The People: An upbeat song with some electric guitar here and there. Mid-Late 70's sound.
  • 07 Chuck Jackson - Gotta Get A Gun: Another upbeat mid-late 70's sounding track. This one's actually kind of catchy. i think it's because the hook is so repetative and 'gun' is in it.
  • 08 The Moments - Sexy Mama: I would call this a quiet storm type of song with an 'on-the-one' tempo. Another mid-late 70's sound on this one too.
  • 09 The Rimshots - Takin' It: A mid-tempo funk instrumental with wah-guitar, strings, horns, rhodes, and other 70's instrumentation.

Best tracks on this LP (IMO) are 'Revelation', 'Look at Me' and 'Takin' It'. 'Do What You Feel' and 'Patty' are also pretty good, 2nd tier tracks as well. It's not the greatest of blaxploitation OSTs but its got its moments (heh). As a mid-70's LP I think it holds up well.