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Monday, September 10, 2018

Fly By Night (1992)


Rich is a naive wanna be rapper who gets the opportunity of a life-time when he get the chance to join I in his rap-group, the only problem is that I is a hardcore rapper who lives the words of his raps while Rich merely is out to entertain.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

House-Rent Party (1946) [Lost Film]


Pigmeat and Murray, who play the role of Shorty in "House Rent Party," are two barbers who work themselves into a lather when they hear that a reward is being offered for the capture of some rough customers bent on breaking up a house rent party. Pigmeat and Shorty get to the party just in time to see the gals and guys go into a few hot songs and dances...they start to go for the dames, but suddenly remember the money.  Of course they catch the crooks, but for a couple of barbers hey certainly have some close shaves before the fast and furious fun is over.

**This film is considered lost until notified otherwise**

Backstage Blues (1943, Soundie)


Soundie featuring Lynn Albritton on the piano and the Harlem Dance Cuties (with Lou Ellen).