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Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Father Clements Story (1987, TV Movie)


Inspired by a true story, "The Father Clements Story" is about a black Chicago priest who fights the local Church hierarchy for the right to adopt a son. Confronted with the growing problem of homeless black children, Father George Clements (Louis Gossett Jr.) asks his parishioners to consider adoption. Meeting only apathy, Clements angrily claims he will adopt a child himself. The statement draws the attention of the local media and Cardinal Cody (Carroll O'Connor), Clements' superior and adversary. Cody forbids Clements to adopt, claiming it is a violation of Catholic Church Law. But the Vatican approves of Clements' actions, and he begins proceedings to adopt Joey (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), a rebellious and difficult teenager. Joey's former involvement with a local gang test their relationship as they try to become father and son under the scrutiny of the Church and community. 

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Comedians (1980's)

  • Hector Mathanda
  • Moses Makhathini
  • Matthews Monica

When Ace Bhona uses his friend’s magic ring under false pretenses to make himself a wealthy man, his greed and desire for more soon becomes uncontrollable. He hires a group of thugs to steal from his friend, hoping to possess the ring for himself. But the friend has a trick of his own up his sleeve, and counters Bhona’s greed with a curse. Bhona awakes the following day to discover that his ill-gotten wealth and possessions have turned to dust, with the police knocking on his door, seeking justice for the crimes he has recently committed.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Night of the Quarter Moon [a.k.a. The Color of Her Skin] (1959)


Roderick "Chuck" Nelson (John Drew Barrymore), scion of one of San Francisco's wealthiest families and a prisoner of war during the Korean conflict, was never the same after his experiences and his brother, Lexington (Dean Jones), thinks the best thing for him is a Mexican fishing trip to help snap him out of his lassitude. While there, Chuck falls for his guide's daughter, Ginny (Julie London), who confesses she's "a quarter" (black) when he proposes marriage but, deeply in love and a new man because of it, he only replies, "Statistics bore me". Chuck brings Ginny home to his controlling mother, Cornelia (Agnes Moorehead), who seems to outwardly approve but when the couple are photographed in her cousins' (Anna Kashfi & Nat King Cole) nightclub and newspaper headlines scream the young millionaire married a quadroon, all hell breaks loose. Turned out of their hotel, harassed by neighbors, and treated harshly by police, the couple are separated by Cornelia who uses drugs and brainwashing to bring about an annulment on the grounds Ginny concealed her heritage from Chuck. During a sensational courtroom trial (James Edwards as defense attorney) with everyone against her, Ginny is forced to strip before the judge to see if she's tan all over...