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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Return of Mandy's Husband (1947) [Lost Film]

The News Journal
Wilmington, Delaware
Tue, Jul 22, 1947 · Page 19

The Evergreen Courant
Evergreen, Alabama
Thu, Jul 17, 1947 · Page 8

Greenville Advocate
Greenville, Alabama
Thu, May 22, 1947 · Page 5

The Atlanta Constitution
Atlanta, Georgia
Sat, Apr 17, 1948 · Page 6

The Decatur Daily
Decatur, Alabama
Sun, Aug 06, 1950 · Page 5

The LaFayette Sun
LaFayette, Alabama
Wed, Jun 24, 1953 · Page 12

The Florala News
Florala, Alabama
Thu, Jul 16, 1959 · Page 4

The Palm Beach Post
West Palm Beach, Florida
Thu, Dec 15, 1960 · Page 27


In order to make some cash, buddies Mantan and Alex found the “Ghost Association,” which will hold mock seances for the local residents. After studying the details of the locals’ various deceased relatives, Alex insist that the reluctant Manta, who is afraid of ghost, play “Prince Alabastar Amsterdam” and fool people into thinking that he is in communication with their dead loved ones.

Meanwhile, Henry Coffee, local resident Mandy’s husband, has staged his own disappearance because he can no longer tolerate his wife’s nagging. He takes refuge at Morgan’s place, and old barn, where he encounters a band of thugs who take him hostage. Soon after, Alex and Mantan, who have chosen the Morgan place for their first Ghost Association séance, show up at the old barn where the gangsters are planning their getaway. Inside, the timorous Mantan, who senses the presence of the gangsters, believe that the barn is haunted, especially after one of the gangsters knocks Alex out and hides him, leaving Mantan alone. Eventually the police come, have a shoot-out, and then haul the gangsters away, giving Alex, who say that Prince Alabaster heroically caught the gangsters, a good publicity story for his enterprise.

Later, Mandy and her friend, Miss Sarah, discuss with Mantan and Alex the upcoming séance, and, because he realizes that he knows nothing about Miss Sarah’s late husband, Mantan warns her that the man may have changed since his death. At the old barn, the audience arrives and Alex tells Mantan, who will impersonate the voices of the dearly departed, to hide in a stall. Mantan is terrified, however, because he thinks he hears a real ghost, unaware that Henry Coffee, who is still hiding in the barn’s loft. When Mandy ask “Alabastar” to conjure her husband Henry, the latter overhears and believes he’s been discovered, but when a distraught Mandy, hearing her husband’s voice, says she would never mistreat him again if he came back, he cries “You won, Honey.” The weak floor-boards of the loft break and Henry crashes down from the heaven to reunite with his wife.

*** This film is considered lost until notified otherwise. ***