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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Various Artist - Black Belt Jones II [A.K.A. Tattoo Connection] (1978)

A1. Time Keeper
A2. witchdoctor
A3. Only 16's
A4. Tsuioku No Skat
A5. all the king's horses
B1. Invocation to the gods
B2. Love Chaiser
B3. Revelation
B4. Battle
B5. Watching and waiting

World Premier Of The Soundtrack to The Jim Kelly Flick "The Tattoo Connection also known as "Black Belt Jones 2" /
Music Sourced By The Fraykers Revenge Team" Kicking of With a Dynamite Kung Fu track called "Time Keeper" used throughout the Flick

Movie Review
Black Belt Jones II: The Tattoo Connection (1978)


Isbum said...

Yer kiddin'?
Can't believe nobody said a word yet!

Like the previous "Black Samurai", I'm positive this is gonna kick-ass!

Thanks Fraykerbreaks!

Anonymous said...

Argh! I missed it! Can anyone re-upload?

Trey said...

The blog was deleted, but... it's still cashed on google.

Here's the file link:

Anonymous said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Links are dead, please reupload. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Here's a working link -

113MB Rar file