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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Johnnie Taylor - Disco 9000 OST (1977)

1 I Just Don't Know What I'd Do Without You
2 Toot Your Flute
3 Just a Happy Song
4 God Is Standing By
5 Disco 9000
6 I Love You Woman
7 Right Now

1977 LP Columbia 35004

Johnnie Taylor's entry into the blaxploitation genre is a disappointing affair. The album features a number of uninspired sub-disco soul tracks, very few of which actually appeared in the movie. The album's only redeeming feature is the Disco 9000 theme. The film is much, much better than the soundtrack album and, ironically, showcases some excellent songs that aren't on this album.
The soundtrack of the movie Disco 9000 (later retitled Fass Black after the blaxploitation flick's main character). Johnnie Taylor had a small part --performing "Disco Lady" -- in the less-than-thrilling box-office flop. Incidentally, "Disco Lady" is not part of the soundtrack. Sony records issued an album with this title in 1998 that is essentially a "best of Johnnie Taylor at CBS" CD and not the original soundtrack. This seven-track album contains two prototype soundtrack instrumentals; the other material, especially the formulaic "Disco 9000," is not Taylor's best. However, "I Love You Woman," "Right Now," and "I Don't Know What I'd Do Without You," are OK bluesers with contemporary productions.
by Andrew Hamilton

This comes to You courtesy of DJmadi

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