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Sunday, May 4, 2008

J.J. Johnson - Man & Boy (1971)

1. Theme From "Man And Boy" - "Better Days" (sung by Bill Withers)
2. Slo-Mo
3. Emancipation Procrastination
4. Pull, Jubal, Pull
5. Mand And Boy (Main Title From Picture)
6. Theme From "Man And Boy" - "Better Days"
7. Country Soul
8. Rosita
9. Trekkin'
10. Hard Times. Mister (Lee Christmas Theme)
11. Man And Boy (End Title)
This soundtrack is one of several early 70s albums containing music 'composed and arranged by J.J. Johnson' with 'musical supervision by Quincy Jones'. A strong album from a Western film starring Bill Cosby, this LP features a great theme from Bill Withers and some good breakbeat funk cuts. 'Pull, Jubal, pull' features some fine funk drumming and harmonica.


EricSwede said...

"Man and Boy" is the dullest movie I have ever seen in a theater. I remember it well, a double feature of "Man and Boy" with "The Legend of Boggy Creek," a tawdry exploitation feature about Big Foot-which was the movie I wanted to see (It was heavily advertised on TV and it was a dud.) I saw it in a old movie palace (1930) that had seen better days, in Hammond Indiana (the Paramount), the auditorium was mostly empty and, I remember, it took FOREVER-I MEAN FOREVER-for "Man and Boy" to end. The movie was dry and dusty, it even looked yellow and dried out. Funny what stays with you as you get older. Love your site and really appreciate what you have done here.