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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Midnight Blue (2000, TV Movie)

A satirical romantic comedy about two brothers: Tome Jordan (Mailon Rivera), the philandering type, and the other brother Luke (Joseph C. Phillips), the stable one, are engaged in a power struggle to gain control of the family cosmetic business and the love of the marketing director (Angelle Brooks) of the company. But, unfortunately, a jilted lover manipulates all three in a game where only she knows the rules.

Sapphire (1959)

A college student named Sapphire Robbins is murdered in London's Hampstead Heath. When police superintendent Robert Hazard discovers that the victim was a light-skinned black woman passing as white, it upends his initial assumptions. Hazard and his openly racist assistant explore the city's racially tense underground jazz scene as they interview suspects, including Sapphire's white fiancé.