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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Murder of Fred Hampton (1971, DVDrip) Black Panthers Documentary
The Black Panther Party galvanized millions of African Americans against police repression and brutality, upholding the right of armed self-defense. The government lauched a campaign of murder, jailings and disinformation to destroy the BPP. This film documents the 1969 Chicago police murder of one of the most charissmatic and effective Panther leaders, Illinois Party chapter chairman Fred Hampton.
As he lay asleep in bed, famed Blank Panther Party leader Fred Hampton was shot and killed by Chicago police in 1969. Already at work on a documentary about Hampton, filmmakers Mike Gray and Howard Alk soon rushed to the crime scene, recording moments that would prove crucial in contradicting police testimony. Passionate and gritty (those expecting objectivity should note the “murder” in its title), this powerful documentary examines the strange events surrounding Hampton’s death, the courtroom battles that followed, and, of course, the film’s initial subject: the extraordinary life of the celebrated community activist Fred Hampton.
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Unknown said...

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Thanks for posting

Unknown said...

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