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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Alabama's Ghost (1973)


A Criswell-esque narrator speaks of magic hash-hish, nazis, a vanishing elephant, and black coffins while smoke drifts over vast constellations. And so it begins! Alabama (the smooth ‘n’ manic Christopher Brooks) works as a jack-of-all trades at Turk Murphy’s dixieland jazz club. After a stumble down the basement steps, fate smiles. For Alabama discovers the belongings of old magician Carter The Great, and subsequently becomes an overnight sensation for “bringing the magic to a new generation!” Of course, fame does not come without foibles. Remember the magic hash-hish? The elephant? The vampires? Yep. They’re all here. And they all spell trouble for our hero.


SelfScience said...

part two was missing, so now its fixed!

Eyes and Teeth said...

You have no idea how long I have been looking for this movie!

Anonymous said...

Crazy plot with a evil mastermind that reminds me of another evil mastermind in some more recent movies involving some spies. Wonder if the ideas came from here.

Beatsandblood said...

If anybody's interested, I just uploaded the complete film to Youtube...

Feel free to embed it in the blog.
Killer movie!