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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Solomon King (1974) [Missing]




Anonymous said...

In the comments section there is a user who goes by "ANT" claiming to own a 35mm print. He also has convictions detailed there as to why the print will never see the light of day.

Considering the lifespan of film, especially cheaper film low-budget movies were generally printed on, is short even when properly taken care of (and I doubt somebody who intentionally suppresses art THAT IS NOT HIS will make the effort to preserve it properly) the chances of it being available is slim.

On the contrary, there have been articles reporting a 2007(?) New Zealand screening. So unless its Mr. "You can't watch somebody else's movie because I own a copy of it"s print, there may be hope of one day being able to watch it.

SelfScience said...

Thank is very interesting Anonymous. Why in the hell would a person not want to figure out what to do with a film that has no gain whatsoever.

I hope it surfaces one day. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Also searching for this movie


SelfScience said...

Thanks Anonymous. I will look into those movies.

Anonymous said...

No problem Self Science! Thank you for updating the posts!!

Jean said...

Hi self-science. Sadly, Solomon King might be the rarest of all blax flicks and is on the top list of many fans. According to my friend foxybronx, there's at least one existing copy, that was shown once on a US festival, but there was one roll of film missing and it was in bad shape.
I have doubts about this ANT blogger's gossip sincerity. Bad mentality, be it as it may.

Many thanks for all your terrific updates, it's been so long since i reacted on your wonderful blog!
Take it easy :)


Mike White said...

I'm sure you're now aware that this is being restored by Deaf Crocodile. They're running a kickstarter as I write this.