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Friday, October 19, 2012

Various Artist - Fist of Power (2012)

01. Fist of Power Intro
02. Scene 1(Operation 'The Man')
03. At the Blax-Fu
04. Master Blax
05. The plan against 'The Man' [Cold]
06. It's the Jake [Cops]
07. My Blax Business, Not Yours
08. Battle
09. Blax Fist!
10. Sagittarius Blax
11. Get Over
12. Orint Oggie
13. Blax-Fu Love
14. Sparring against Master
15. Train Harder!
16. Funkmaster Blax
17. Survival
18. Chased by the 'The Man'
19. Return Of The Dragon
20. The Kung Fu
21. Ending Credits
If I had a soundtrack this is what it would sound like. It would be a Blax-Fu style martial arts film. The selection of music for this compilation is a combination of library, rare funk and grooves. A particular sound was sought out and the main instruments that drives this soundtrack consist of flutes, drums, horns, and bass guitar.

The track listing of this compilation is geared to give you a feel of what this "fake" movie would be like. I'm just having fun so enjoy the compilation and expect more like this in the future.