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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Various Artist - Chasin' Blax (2012)

01. Ku Klux Chase 1 - Darktown Strutters
02. Chase - Willie Hutch - Foxy Brown
03. Rafelli Chase - Adrian Younge - Black Dynamite
04. Car Chase 92 - Big Pimp Jones - Bad Bad Jimmy Rukus
05. Willie Chase (instrumental) - J.J. Johnson - Willie Dynamite
06. Run, Run, Catch Him - Jack Ashford - Blackjack
07. Salt Chase - Michael Tschudin - Honey Baby, Honey Baby
08. Mack's Stroll & The Getaway (Chase Scene) - Willie Hutch - The Mack
09. The Robbery And The Chase -  Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson - The Education Of Sonny Carson
10. Junkie Chase (Instrumental) - Curtis Mayfield - Superfly
11. Fight Me, Chase Me - Ohio Players - Mr. Mean
12. Go Chase Cleo - J.J. Johnson - Cleopatra Jones
13. Hot Wheels (The Chase) - Badder Than Evil - Gordon's War
14. Getaway - Barry White - Together Brothers
15. Mayors Getaway - Rudy Ray Moore - Dolemite
16. Run Fay Run - Isaac Hayes - Three Tough Guys
17. Run Tina Tun - Gene Page - Blacula
18. The Chase - Gerald Lee - Black Shampoo
Presenting some of the baddest chase/getaway music compiled from various blaxploitation soundtracks. This is not an official release, so no need go looking for it on the internet. Hope everyone enjoys!


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i'd love to hear this
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