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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Keith Mansfield - Loot (1970)

1. More, More, More
2. Loot's The Root
3. Hey, Hey, Hey
4. Where It's At
5. Stealth In The Night
6. Oh Fay!
7. We Nearly Were Lovers
8. Police Barricade
9. Mothers Waltz
10. The Undertaker Song
11. Eyeball Serenade
12. Loot's The Root
13. And More, More, More
Those of you 'in the know' in the UK may have been wondering how we'd apparently missed this little UK-only gem. The UK produced some of the funkiest, dirtiest library music of the late 60s and early 70s thanks largely to the KPM label - their now-legendary green cover 1000 series albums are highly prized rarities amongst DJs and producers. The most well-known artists on the KPM label, Alan Hawkshaw and Keith Mansfield, both had a hand in producing this superb easy-funk album, which is very much in the KPM big beat style. Serious funk collectors will know of the legendary Hawkshaw band The Mohawks, with their LP 'The Champ' - which commands three-figure sums - and they'll be glad to hear that the backing band on this LP is effectively The Mohawks. Wicked cheesy easy library funk, particularly on the classic 'The Undertaker Song'. Very hard to find and worth the effort.


Unknown said...

Ah man, link is offline. I would've to have this one man!

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* loved

SelfScience said...

It working now Joel. Enjoy!

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