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Saturday, December 17, 2011

21st Century Blaxploitation Volumes 1-3

I just recently came across this incredibly funky, straight no chasing, off-time-jivin' new age blaxploitation mix. I say soul brothers and sister that you check this out!

Info: Volume 1
From oldschool wah-wah rides to psychedelic soul, from deep funk to b-boy partying, from soul rock to electronic grooves, from pop to disco, here's the first volume of a new series of mixes, covering the '21st Century Blaxploitation' genre. This is an imaginary soundtrack to a smashing flick yet to be filmed, starring vintage shots of Pam Grier in her prime, animation fused with real-time shooting, uncanny 3D special effects and even more amazing stuff we can't divulge yet!

Info: Volume 2
We had so much feedback and praise from our first animated movie starring vintage shots of Pam Grier in her prime, animation fused with real-time shooting, uncanny 3D special effects and the such that we decided to shoot a sequel. Here's the soundtrack to that new movie 21st Century Blaxploitation volume 2. Expect hip hop, psychedelic soul, latin grooves and, of course, wah wah funk! All those tracks are just HUGE. Repeated play is advised.

Info: Volume 3
Philadelphia's Big Pimp Jones have become quite big on the 21st Blaxploitation tip, with their two funky soundtracks to Blaxploitation movies that don't exist. They loved our previous mixes on the same theme (vol.1 and vol.2) - "Those first two volumes are super-dope, we are fans of your stuff as well, that's really nice work on the Black Cat mixtape. I'd be honored to throw a volume 3 together!" said Keith Foster from Big Pimp Jones. His mix is fun & funky, keeping the 21st century blaxploitation soundtrack spirit high on the wah wah vibe, 70s-style, while selecting a lof of Paris DJs favorites, you should love this!


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