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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

David Shire - The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 (1974)

Highly Recommended
Not much of a Blaxploitation Soundtrack, but I think some of you may find this score very interesting.

01 Main Title (02:19)
02 The Taking (03:10)
03 Dolowitz Takes A Look/Dolowitz Gets Killed (02:21)
04 Blue And Green Talk (02:03)
05 Money Montage (03:13)
06 Fifty Seconds/The Money Express (04:32)
07 Conductor Killed/The Money Bag (01:46)
08 The Pelham's-Moving-Again-Blues (03:12)
09 I'm A Police Officer/Renewing Disguises/Goodbye Green, Hello Garber, Goodbye Hippie/Smoking More... (02:59)
10 Mini-Manhunt (01:56)
11 End Title (03:01)

Recorded July, 1974 at Burbank Studios, Hollywood, California


Simon666 said...

Fantastic soundtrack :)

DefChef said...

Second that!

This is popping up in a few spots on the web, what with the remake coming out soon and all.

The new soundtrack is gonna have to go a loooooong way to match this....

Funkback said...

And lossless too! Great work Selfscience and Scoredaddy @ Call it Anything. Weird but great w. 12 notes jumping around in Your head like that. Makes ya wanna dance and dodge the cops at the same time, but how would that look?

Alex said...

Hey there!
I was hoping that someone here might be able to help me out? In the Stanley Kubrick film "The Shining", Scatman Crothers plays the hotel cook. On the wall in his apartment are two fabulous posters of some classy women with some stylin fro's. I would love to find out who they are and whether or not those images are somewhere for sale as I would love to have them!

Thanks for your time and I'll be hoping and praying for a little help!


Simon666 said...

Got a vague memory of that scene, Alex, but a screenshot would help :)

Alex said...

Hey there Simon! I don't have a screen shot, but I remember that one image (above the bed)was approximately two and a half feet in height and about a foot wide. The girl was very thin, kneeling and profiled from the side looking outward, she had a very striking afro. The second woman was also kneeling but from a forward perspective. Her breasts were bare but covered in hanging jewelry and she wore a skirt that provided a slight view. Her afro was even larger than the first and her expression seemed blank, possibly even unimpressed from my impression. I wish I could do better, but that's the best I can remember without adding anything that I'm uncertain about. They really are fabulous pictures if you can find them. I'm sure that they would be a terrific addition to your already fabulous collection!



Alex said...

Aha! How about this?

Let me know :)

Simon666 said...

Your description made me think of Betty Davis album covers, but looking at the pic, it seems to be a generic 70s poster, not necessarily from an album ... Knowing the detail that Kubrick puts into his shots, it could have even been made specially for the film?
Anyway hope someone else recognises it :)

Alex said...

Thanks for trying Simon,you may even be right about the posters as I've never seen them anywhere else? That would be a true shame though... Well, guess I'll keep hunting!

Many thanks
Alex :)

Jimjam said...

Hey guys -

I've just found this blog and it's a goldmine of the music i'm into - however i can't seem to find out how to download all this wonderful stuff. Could anyone offer me help? Is the link hidden somewhere?

Alex said...

You might want to check out the information (words written in "blue" ;)

Have fun!

Alex said...

Oh, and make sure to read the information on the top right hand side of this board as it's important for dealing with the files.

Brother Bleu said...

If you would like to see the new Denzel version of this Movie Free Online (no catches) just visit
also Superfly, Berry Gordy, & a few Blaxploitation movies posted..

Keith said...

I had heard a little from it. I really liked it. Cool soundtrack.

Malibu said...

One of my favorite movie and fantastic soundtrack.
Thank You very much from Italy.

K said...

Can't find the link:( can you give a chance? thanks!