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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dusty Fingers Collection [Volume 1 - 4 of 15 Volumes]

This is a cool collection of Soul, Funk, Jazz, Pop and various other genres of music. I came across this some years ago and I can honestly say that this help get me started in collecting Blaxploitation Soundtracks. There are a total of 15 volumes and they all give the ear a great stimulation. This is good for producers in sampling and most well known Hip-Hop producers has touch a couple songs present in this compilation. So enjoy!


Volume 1

"Intro/Abstractions" - Projection
"Lady Love" - Ferrante & Teicher
"The Windmills of Your Mind" - Dorothy Ashby
"Forty Days" - Billy Brooks
"Get Thy Bearings" - Donovan
"Hogin' Machine" - Les Baxter
"Kismet" - Amon Düül
"The Warnings" - David Axelrod
"On the Hill" - Oliver Sain
"Bamboo Child" - Ryo Kawasaki
"Holding You, Loving You" - Don Blackman
"Hey Jude" - The Overton Berry Trio
"Survival" - Annette Peacock
"Humpty Dumpty" - Placebo
"The Journey [drum skit]" - Small Faces
"Dee Dee Drums/Outro" - Dee Dee Warwick


"Laying the Trap" - Gator Soundtrack
"Go on and Cry" - Les McCann
"Snow Creatures" - Quincy Jones
"Children of the Night" - Hysear Don Walker
"Bettina" - Bola Sete
"Electric Surfboard" - Brother Jack McDuff
"Smokey Joe the Dreamer" - Bullet
"Soul Sides" - Art Farmer
"Ripped Open by Metal Explosions" - Galt MacDermot
"Holy Thursday" - David Axelrod
"Shore Line Drive" - Sammy Nestico
"You're No Good" - Harvey Averne
"Puzzle [skit]" - Passport
"Faded Lady [skit]" - S.S.O


"Dermier Domicile Connu" - Generique
"Shady Blues" - Pete Moore
"Come Together" - The Phoenix Authority
"Packed Up" - Bill Conti
"Take Me with You" - Lyn Christopher
"Pulp" - Steve Grey
"Go Home Pigs" - Ronald Stein
"A Divine Image" - David Axelrod
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" - Jimmy Ponder
"Return From Ashes" - John Dankworth
"Darkest Light" - Lafayette Afro Rock Band
"Safari" - Frank Walton
"A Day in the Life" - War
"The Spic" - Bullet


"Le Bracelet" - Alain Goraguer
"Psychedelic Portrait" - Jack Arel
"Going Out of my Head" - George Saxon
"I Wonder" - The Bubble Gum Machine
"The Beggar Song [skit]" - Wet Willie
"Night Moves" - F. McDonald
"Sales Talk" - Francis Coppieters
"Accadde A Bali" - Accadde A
"Scratch" - Souflay
"The Moving Finger" - Dorothy Ashby
"Misty Canyon" - Sven Libaek
"Wenn Der Urlaub Kommt" - Manfred Krug
"Selected Sound" - Hardys Jet Band
"Loving You Girl" - John Schroeder


Anonymous said...

awesome! thank you. this blog is sumthin' else.

cheers from nyc,


J.D. said...

These compilations sound like they'll be great! I can't wait to get my (proverbial) hands on them.

And the blog overall is amazing!

Anonymous said...

grat stuff,(btw volume four is in the vol 3 rar and vice versa )

MLEEKA said...

I am enjoying an afternoon as the Dusty Fingers disks play in the background. Superb! Thanks for making these disks available.

Paul Stark said...

THanks for the great site and all your hard work! Awesome in so many ways.

Papu said...

Hi. Thanks for these although please tell me; how am I supposed to play these .doc files?

Papu said...

Ah! nevermind, please excuse my stupidity lol. Again thank you so much.