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Friday, August 8, 2008

Lalo Schiffrin - Battle Creek Brawl (1980)

Battle Creek Brawl Lalo Schifrin Victor VIP-28006, 1980
1. Training Montage
2. Fast Moves
3. Uncle Herbert
4. Playing Nurse
5. Jerry's Rag
6. The Trap
7. Training Montage
8. Oriental Drama
9. Roller Derby
10. Razor Cuts
11. Miss Wong
12. The Kiss Of Death
13. Victory Fanfare
14. Training Montage
Only issued in Japan and Italy, this superb jazz-tinged score from an early Jackie Chan movie is very hard to find. It's a strong, big band jazz funk soundtrack with oriental influences and a superb brass section augmented by flute and double bass. Like 'Dirty Harry' with chopsticks.

Provided by isbum
With a bonus in the form of an album that Lalo cut with Jimmy Smith that calls the above soundtracks title by one of it's other titles.

Jimmy Smith with Lalo Schifrin: The Cat Strikes Again...
1. The Big Brawl - Jimmy Smith/Lalo Schifrin
2. Down here on the ground - Jimmy Smith/Lalo Schifrin
3. Layin' low - Jimmy Smith/Lalo Schifrin
4. Free ride - Jimmy Smith/Lalo Schifrin
5. Wersi time - Jimmy Smith/Lalo Schifrin
6. Were is Magdalena? - Jimmy Smith/Lalo Schifrin
7. Lonely Shepherd - Jimmy Smith/Lalo Schifrin
8. In search of truth - Jimmy Smith/Lalo Schifrin
9. The Cat strikes again - Jimmy Smith/Lalo Schifrin

A warning from Funkback: Jimmy is NOT playing Hammond B3 here but a german Wersi organ so anyone who's a fan of the true tonewheel sounds best stay away from this.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know how you feel Isbum. It is kind of discouraging when people are ungrateful for your work. I learn to just let it go post for the fun of it. I really hope that you keep continuing sharing here because there are those who truly appreciate your efforts even if there were no comments made. Not to many people told Zand thanks after all the work he did for uploading a huge amount of James Brown. This blog was intended to help people collect something that is hard to find and those who contribute to the blog and participates in commenting is good enough for me.

Funkback said...

Yeah, I look at this place more lika a giant vault of rare stuff normal people really don't care for. We're the last outpost for most of these gems. Unless we do something they will be lost forever and that's the big payoff for me. If someone has something nice to say about it, great! But not that important to me. I just notice that stuff that's been requested or is more known gets more comments. Jazzier/more proggy stuff gets less for some reason. Hate to lose You Isbum, keep up the great work. I for one really apprecciate Your efforts here!

Isbum said...

Just venting guys. This blog is obviously on the radar of a lot of fans.
Those fans should note a new release of the actual soundtrack recordings from "Shaft" and "Shaft's Big Score!". Only 3000 copies pressed, so when it's, it's gone!

Get a copy here:

Rest in Peace, Isaac Hayes.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people probably feel like me - that just posting "thanks" seems a bit lame. I tend to post comments when I have something a bit more substantive to say, and hope that counters (of visits, downloads) do as much as just posting "thanks" to register that level of appreciation.

There seems to be a password on the Big Brawl archive... Any idea what it is?

Anonymous said...

I'm new to discovering the awesome world of blogs and your out there with the best of them, thanks for all your efforts. Been caught up in vintage bmx and not much else for the last 5 years, this and a few other blogs have brought back a passion I'd forgotten about...

Isbum said...

@ Mark J - And by saying that, you've inspired me to give Mo music here!

SelfScience said...

@ Mark J: thanks and I am glad that you have gained that passion back. That inspires us to keep bringing everyone the good stuff.

@ isbum: you know you are more than welcome to give whenever you feel the need.

Bill said...

Well, don`t despair here`s one who`s VERY grateful and pleased to be able to say a BIG thank you for a GREAT blog and all your hard work.I work long and odd hours and can`t get to record fairs or go trawling the used record stores like I used to.Your blog still lets me enjoy that great rush of discovering a long sought after gem or an unknown classic and I LOVE it!ectimpic

Anonymous said...

hey just found your blog - am a big fan of the work of both Lalo Schifrin and Jackie Chan, so thanks very much for uploading! dont usually post to blogs i just come across but I saw your rant, and i felt a bit guilty :) thanx man

NIKOS said...

Great blog,great work.Thanks a lot.

tee said...

this is the best blog for breaks movies and soundtracks thank you for all the killers

tyiscloser said...

thanks for this blog but i cant find the download!!!
would love to say thank you if i could actually find the link~.. thanks for any future replies!!!

Funkback said...

Well, if You're looking for some goodies. Pay special attention to the first word in the review, I'm pretty sure You'll eventually find what You're looking for. If not You could always email me or SelfScience for some support. Glad You like this blog, You should always give thanx to those "in the know" that do the hard work for You. Ingrates tend to be lower on the priority list of people to help You know. Life isn't always about one click and You're done...

Anonymous said...

thanks dude, props

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Thanks for this. Been trying to find this for ages.... Tried the "right keywords" today and I landed here.... And looks like I am going to be around for a while :-) You got a fantastic collection of music here ....

Thanks very much for putting up all these.

More power to you.

P.S: Did anyone tell you before that the bonus Jimmy Smith link is broken?.... Will any of you folks be kind enough to fix it in your free time?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Not really in the habit of leaving comments anywhere, or doing the blog thing, but this one is something special. Massive respect to all involved -

Anonymous said...

Sadely, no one of all the links are working... It's the same for lots of other links all other the blog.
Love this blog! Love BXP soundtracks!

Anonymous said...

I'm disabled, so I do very little commenting. And I also feel that simple statements like "thanks" are heartfelt and encouraging, yet trivial to a certain extent. Many forums require a thanks just to see the download link, while others consider it spam and discourage it.

I have emailed the mods here with useful links, but I agree with a previous comment that downloads & hits are the best thanks in the end. A true labor of love requires no thanks. Giving is it's own reward...

Thank you.

SelfScience said...

Appreciate your comment Anonymous. Very inspiring. It provides a lot of motivation to keep going.

Isbum said...

Come to think of it, I've had people break in to my car and apartment and take stuff without leaving a note of thanks!
I'm so thankful they took the time & trouble to break a window and crawl in.
I'm just kidding!

for "Battle Creek Brawl" by Lalo Schifrin


SelfScience said...

Thanks a lot isbum!

apf said...

Thank you so much for posting this again. I have a friend who collects Schifrin and he's going to love this.