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Monday, June 23, 2008

Francis Lai - Madam Claude II (1982)

1. I Wait For Love
2. Ballade a Cheval
3. Hong Kong
4. Menace
5. Generique de Debut
6. Amour, Delices et Violoncelle
7. Symphonie Romantique
8. Indiscretion
9. Attaque de Mme Claude
10. J'attends l'amour
11. Arrivee au Manoir
12. Paris le Matin
13. Generique de Fin

Well since Serge Gainsbourg's Madam Claude is my most downloaded out of all of the other soundtracks. I decided to post this 1982 release by Fancis Lai. I can't remember where I found this at, but I'm sure that you all will dig this just like the others. Enjoy!


Erik said...

I enjoyed the last Lai post. And here's the 2nd Madam Claude. I surely will enjoy this! Thank You very much Selfscience! I'm glad to see You've been over at CG too.

Andre B said...

thank you i also liked the other lai post. thanks

gkontax said...

Thanks. Love Francis Lai's works.