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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nico Fidenco - Emanuelle In America (1977)

1. emanuelle in america sweet (03:21)
2. venice reportage (03:38 )
3. rhuharb (02:48 )
4. revulsion tango (02:23)
5. your solstice (02:08 )
6. so it please you (01:31)
7. emanuelle in america instrumental (03:41)
8. emanuelle in america theme (03:01)
9. rhuharb (02:48 )
10. venica dawn (02:01)
11. emanuelle in america dream (02:50)
12. trouble (02:55)
13. spellbound (02:44)
14. emanuelle in america armonium (03:48 )
Album cover girl and Italian Emanuelle star Laura Gemser is imploring you to buy this LP! Succumb to her charms, because it's a strong late 70s funky album. Plenty of orchestral funky numbers, wah guitar, drums and wacky instrumentation in a typical crazy Italian style. Possibly the best of the Italian Emanuelle soundtracks with plenty to fill the lounge dancefloor. Some tracks appear on the recent Black Emanuelle's Groove bootleg.


Anonymous said...

Hi, any chance to get a working link for this one please! i have been listening to some of tracks from all Emanuelle's ost, and i must it, so please if you can and thanks for all the discoveries on your blog.

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